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Dorotea et moi


Dorotea et moi,created by a mother and daugther.

Sometimes, what is hard is to have an idea. Other times, we do have an idea but we are afraid of throwing ourselves into the unknown.

Well, today we take a big breath and we get prepared for the dip!  We are very happy to launch this project we have been dreaming of for a long time. 

Loving details, we think that an accessory can be the key of a style. It can give you that special touch that makes you feel special. This is the aim of Dorotea et moi. Because what is unique is special and this is what makes a difference. 

Our bowties. The perfect accessory for him, for her, for children. For normal days and special occasions. All different, every single one unique. 


Personalized bowties

Our bowties are the perfect reflections of their owners' personality. So... why not create your own? We can even imagine a matching pocket square or braces.


For normal days and special occasions

Forget the idea that bowties are only for special occasions!
Every day can have something special if you wear one of those! 


Themed bowties

Musician? artist? cook? pilot?
journalist? doctor? No doubt! Every personnality or occupation finds its perfect bowtie! 


Do you fancy something different for your hair? We imagine all kind of accesories: flower headbands, flower combs, bows, hairpins... do not hesitate to contact us. We always create the ideal accesory for each personality.


Hair bands

A small detail you feel comfortable with but also kind of different. Something that shows your personnality. Shall we create a head band for you?


Flowers for the hair

In different shapes, depeding on each person, flowers are always a good idea. Either for special events or daily life! 


Head bands

Do you want to imagine a headband together? Some of them can be more summery and informal, others more elegant and others even warmer for winter days. 


Bow and flower brooches, maxi-bows, hairclips, hairties... a small detail that makes you feel different. Do you want to create it together?


Bow brooches

Would you like to give a special touch to that boring shirt? No need to wear a collar to wear a bowtie!



Even if you prefer a pony tail or a handy hair updo, we can always adjust to your needs. 


Flores de tela

Made of silk, organza, tulle... these creations give a special touch to a jean jacket, a necklace, a handbag... 

They have trusted us!

"It's only when someone who has that style and such an artistic touch, works for you, adjusting to your needs and your taste,
that something this special and incredible can be created.
It is much more than just an accesory". 

Aitana and Jesús

"Grateful is not even the word to describe how I felt when I saw what they had created with their hands and all their love. I couldn't believe it! It was perfect for me. I can only say thank you for having created the perfect accesory that matches my personnality! 


"I wanted something different and I trusted Dorotea et moi. Why not wearing a bowtie for the next wedding? And why not matching it with a pocket square? and why not even... matching braces? To be fair, I was taking no risk. It was an easy bet. Thank you, Dorotea et moi, for making everything so convenient and of course, for this perfect result!".


"We all have felt at some point stressed out while preparing for a wedding. Well, in my case, thanks to Dorotea et moi my stress was very reduced. They worked concentrated on what I desired and within a very short period of time. Thanks to Dorotea et moi I could wear a beautiful and unique flower hairband matching the rest of my outfit".


Would you like to tell us something?

We always have new ideas in mind and you are our inspiration. Do not hesitate to contact us. It is a real pleasure for us to hear from you.

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We send our creations all over the world!